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There's nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life

15 September 1967
Banner by: intoxuation

I'm the LJ user formerly known as frodoslegacy. That journal is still up, just not active. After a couple years of wonderful LotR and HP squeeing, fics, and fun, RL intervened and I left LJ for some time. I'm back now with some new fandoms and some old friends. But new ones are always welcome! Just comment with the interests we have in common. :D

Get Collared whitecollaric
whitecollaric is a "White Collar" icon challenge community. A great resource for pretty icons made by talented fans!
Banner by me. It tied for first place with two others, but then won third in the vote-off. I was still pretty happy b/c it was my first entry there.

Team Banner for the definitely_dead challenge community, by yours truly.

sam trammell
By merlottetrollop and me, because Sam Trammell on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" was the best thing that's ever happened to that show.

Here's a good community for all things True Blood.

This would probably be my go-to shift if I was a shifter...

Or perhaps this: